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The jurors place pressure

To “poll the jury” is to ask each juror to render his or her judgment verbally, usually in an open court setting. Judges may do this periodically to make certain judgments remain the same, and defendants will almost certainly ask for a jury to be polled when a verdict is not in their favor. Even [...]

Organized labor unions

Minimum wage is the lowest hourly wage allowed by federal and state labor laws. It generally applies to unskilled or semi-skilled laborers working in service industries or manufacturing plants. Certain occupations such as agricultural workers are usually exempt from minimum wage requirements, as are certain service workers who receive tips or other compensation equal to [...]

The proofreading corporate reports

Nearly all law firms make their money by billing their clients by the hour. These are known as billable hours. The more hours billed, the more money the firm will make. If lawyers do not bill enough hours each year, they will not make enough money to cover their salaries. The firm’s billable hours also [...]

The Civil contempt of court

Contempt of court is a charge which can be laid against someone for interrupting the process of justice in a court of law. A charge of contempt, if proved, can result in fines and jail time. Many people are familiar with the concept of contempt of court, since it tends to come up in courtroom [...]

Law enforcement officers

Legally speaking, entrapment occurs when a police officer or other government agent deceives a person into committing a crime that he or she had no intention of committing. In many jurisdictions, if a court determines that the charges against the defendant are based on entrapment, he or she cannot be convicted of the crime. Therefore, [...]

Varies by Jurisdiction

Common law is a legal system that is largely formed by the decisions previously made by courts and not imposed by legislatures or other government officials. The reasoning used to interpret this type of law is known as casuistry, or case-based reasoning. It is a strict, principle-based reasoning that uses the circumstances of a case [...]

The benefits from a life insurance policy

In legal terms, the word liability refers to fault. The person who is at fault is liable to another because of his or her actions or failure to act. One example is in the case of a crime. The liability of the offending party may include providing restitution for damage to property or paying medical [...]

watch One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 3 Online Free Stream

One Pine Mountain / hill is surely an American television programs excitement designed by Bench mark Schwahn, which unfortunately was published with Sept Twenty-three, 2003, for the WB Tv set Networking.[1] Following on from the series’ 1 / 3 year or so, The WB combined along with UPN to produce A CW T . v [...]

The advantages and disadvantages

This has advantages and disadvantages. A juvenile who has committed very serious crimes may continue a pattern of criminal behavior of which an adult court is unaware, changing the nature of sentencing in adult court. For others, having been successfully rehabilitated means that they won’t be discriminated against based on a previous arrest, sentencing, or [...]

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Website Traffic – Making cash online is something many men and women wish to accomplish and they turn to blogs in an attempt to do this. Making cash from a blog is the same as making money from a traditional website, meaning that it’s going to take a steady stream of traffic in order to [...]