Diesel and Gasoline: The Common Choices that Make your Car Run

In terms of fuel, there are only two kinds of cars on the road today: one that runs on diesel and one that runs on gasoline. In spite of their similarity as internal combustion engines, disparities in the structure of the engines and their systems separate the two evenly. If you will go to a gas station, you will notice that diesel fuel is more expensive than the various gasoline brands. In fact, the basic difference can be found in the fuel itself.

Diesel and gasoline both come from a single parent, which is crude oil, and the difference only comes after being distilled. Gasoline contains eight carbons, while diesel contains 16 carbons, making the latter denser than the former. Because gasoline is less dense, fuel ignites more easily compared with diesel as it requires less air to ignite it. On the other hand, diesel contains more energy because of its higher density.

Their respective engines also differ in terms of how the mechanism burns the fuel. In a gasoline engine, a mixture of both fuel and air enter the combustion chamber where pressure takes over to convert raw fuel to energy. However, in a diesel engine, air comes in before the diesel fuel, considering the diesel requires more air to burn because of its density. Nevertheless, the combustion process is the same for both engines.

Oakville car dealers sell both gasoline and diesel cars as these share an equal amount of popularity. Because diesel cars generate more power, they are a better contender for off-road travel. Gasoline cars, however, are more efficient for casual travel. As for the question which of the two burns cleaner in the combustion process, it depends on the condition of the engine.

Modern cars such as an Oakville Ford are designed to burn fossil fuels clean, as per standards set by various environmental bodies. The only reason why black smoke comes out of the tail pipe is because the engine is not performing as it is supposed to. Black smoke emissions usually mean the system is not functioning well. Simple maintenance work at the service center can help the car burn clean again.

As it seems that the battle between diesel and gasoline is a clear stalemate, both cars will continue to enjoy popularity in the automotive industry. Diesel engines excel in some aspects where gasoline engines do not and vice versa. To arrive at a good decision between the two think about which of the following benefits you prioritize. The bottomline is to drive efficiently with the car engine of your choice, be it an Oakville Ford or any other car.

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