Fast Facts for Consumers: Buying a Used Car Worth Every Penny

Prior to shopping for a used car, it is important to do your own research on how you are to go about with your car purchase. Taking the time to know more about car purchasing now would save you valuable time, money, and effort in the future. Consider your needs, habits, and budget, while scouring print and online advertisements. You can find most of the information you need from online car-buying sites and car fora. These websites offer information on everything from calculating and comparing car prices to do’s and don’ts of car buying.

You have two payment options when buying a used car: You can either pay its entire price upfront or finance it with a loaning program. If you choose to finance your vehicle, its total cost increases over time. A car’s total cost increases due to the monthly interest rate and other loan charges. Opting to finance your vehicle requires careful calculation of how much your budget can afford and selecting which loan has the best conditions and terms. Various dealerships offer different types of loaning programs.

Used cars are sold through franchise retailers and private sellers, car rental companies, leasing companies, and manufacturer outlets (for certified used vehicles). Car dealerships even post their sales online. Before purchasing vehicles from certain sellers, check with your local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau to ensure that you are purchasing your car from a reliable auto dealership.

Car dealers are required to post a Buyers Guide with the Mississauga used cars they put up for sale. This should contain information regarding the different terms involving the vehicle, such as its warranty status, repair costs covered by the warranty, and percentage of repairs the dealer will pay. It also contains helpful reminders concerning putting all dealership agreements down in writing, inspecting the car with another mechanic before purchase, and others. Any negotiated changes regarding your warranty terms should also be listed in it.

Different auto dealerships have various types or warranties. Some sell vehicles with Implied Warranties, Warranty of Merchantability, and Unexpired Manufacturer’s Warranties. Be sure to thoroughly discuss with your car dealer the terms of the Mississauga used cars they have and to get all negotiations down in black and white.

Whether you plan on buying a particular car or any used Lincoln Oakville dealerships have, be sure to check the merchandise. For less than a hundred dollars, you can get an overall assessment of the used car’s mechanical condition. Obtaining an inspection for your vehicle is suggested even if the car is a “certified used vehicle” and was inspected by the car dealership.

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