Highly-recommended Bathroom Remodeling Design Styles

If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project for your home, reliable home improvement contractors recommend different themes and styles that will suit your needs, preferences, and expectations. You can personalize and customize your bathroom and choose a specific texture, color scheme, and design that will best reflect your personality. Here are some popular styles you can choose from.


Traditional bathrooms are characterized by classic elements quite different from contemporary trends. Such styles commonly have natural stone or porcelain tiles and countertops, white cotton towels and bath mats, and vintage sinks, bathtubs, and wallpaper. Traditional bathrooms usually have a beige or brown color scheme, with each component balancing the room’s soft atmosphere. Such bathroom styles are recommended for old-fashioned individuals who prefer the comfort and safety traditional rooms exude.

Old World

This bathroom style has a timeless elegance and grace that some people love. Old world-style bathrooms have a sense of history, grandness of space, and feeling of comfort with these rooms’ wood and stone elements, polished and pristine surfaces, and complementary furniture and fixtures. These rooms commonly have hanging oversized mirrors, fashionably large shower heads, and sconces and chandeliers with metal finishes for a touch of luxury. This bathroom style has a dynamic color psychology that fits historical America.


Bathrooms with this theme commonly have Mediterranean fixtures and accessories that add a distinct quality to the room. Experts in home renovation Nashua homeowners recommend can design a Roman-style shower area with ancient Jerusalem stone and Italian modern glass elements to create a striking combination of colors and texture. Such bathrooms usually feature marble floors and walls with soft or neutral colors for cabinets, sinks, and bathtubs.


Contractors experienced in home remodeling New Hampshire homes recommend modern bathrooms for individuals who prefer a stark and striking atmosphere. Such bathrooms have most of the advanced technological products available in the market today. From temperature-controlled water to innovative sinks, bathtubs, and toilets and bidet, you can choose a fixture that suits the modern design. You can also consider custom-fabricated tiles, walls, and surfaces for a more flexible design. These products provide maximum comfort and convenience that homeowners like you can benefit from.


Dark-floored, roomy minimalist bathrooms with streamlined fixtures and elements are ideal for people who prefer a distinct Japanese atmosphere. Minimalist bathrooms commonly have smooth surfaces with a general lack of clutter and ornamentation. Such designs emphasize the beauty and simplicity of natural materials and thus produce a calm and refreshing feeling. Consult bathroom remodeling NH contractors to know which style suits your personality, preference, and budget.

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