Let your Car Burn Clean: Regular Car Maintenance for Clean Air

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fossil fuel users generate over half of the total amount of greenhouse gases in the world. In layman’s terms, this fact points to cars and factories that are heavily dependent on gas to run smoothly. Because green cars are on the infancy stage, motorists have to do their part in making the air clean for their children to breathe. Refraining from using your car may be a good choice. Now, what if you really need to?

Regardless of what you drive, your car is designed to burn fuel without the risk of adding more to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Experts recommend having your car engine checked for abnormalities. Whether your car runs on diesel or gasoline, a sound engine can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions every time you drive. For your part, taking it to the service center is simple enough.

Emissions of black smoke are indicators of a kind of abnormality in the car, usually attributed to engine block. As the combustion process creates smoke, certain parts in the engine, such as piston rings, keep the smoke from escaping the chamber. However, those parts can suffer from wear and tear over time, eventually allowing the smoke to escape the chamber and into the air. It is not just the piston engine that may need attention, but the fuel injection system, as well.

At the first sign of black smoke coming out of the tail pipe, take your Ford Oakville or any car to a service center. Black or gray smoke is a result of incomplete fuel combustion caused by engine parts not functioning normally. The carburetor, for instance, may not be getting the fuel-air mixture in the right proportions, producing black smoke. The service center can perform a simple tune-up on the engine to prevent it from emitting black smoke.

Aside from taking it to the service center, you have another part to play. A good way to reduce carbon emissions from cars is to refrain leaving the car idling. Aside from the fact that idling wastes precious fuel, it also makes your Ford Mississauga or any car produce smoke. If you think you will not be going anywhere for the meantime, turn off your engine.

Sometimes, it does not take the most innovative invention to resolve the world’s environmental problems. Instead, saving the world starts with a simple Ford in Oakville or any car and its humble driver. Regular maintenance and roadside safety practices contribute greatly to a time when anyone can have his own fair share of clean, breathable air.

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