Types of Shopping Bags

It is said that a woman can live without her husband but not without shopping, and this saying holds true until date. Shopping is an integral part of a woman’s personality. Probably, a woman also introduced the phrase, ‘shop till you drop’! Shopping being such an influencing factor in a woman’s life — the importance of shopping bags too is unquestionable. To cater to different needs of women, different types of shopping bags have come into being.

1. A Simple Shopping Bag: These are the bags for shopping, we all have known since our childhood. They are basic carry-around bags that are put to use by various consumers everyday. They are easy to carry and serve almost every shopping purpose. You can find these bags at the nearest grocery store.

2. Knowledge-Giving Bags: It may sound strange but shopping bags also provide some knowledge. These types of bags have certain text and images on them such as Chinese calligraphy or a famous painting that cultivates people’s sentiment and raises the feel-good factor.

3. Advertisement Bags: As the name suggest, this type of bags, are distributed with the purpose of advertising a certain service or product. This bag has printed advertisements on them and as a consumer carries the shopping bag around, the product or service gets the necessary promotion.

4. A Memoir Shopping Bag: Memoir or souvenir bags are used to commemorate an event or festival. These bags have an image or description of some famous local event or festival printed on them. These types of bags for shopping were introduced to honor the psychological feelings of the shoppers and to associate a feel good factor with shopping.

5. A Gifting-Purpose  Shopping Bag : As you buy a gift for someone, you get them packed in special type of bags. These are the specific bags meant for gifting purpose. These bags have slogans such as “May you have a long Life”, “Have a Great Life Ahead” or “Seasons Greetings” printed on them. They reflect not only the type of gift inside them but also the buyer’s feelings that are associated with that gift.

From carrying stuff to advertising– to expressing gratitude, — shopping bags serve several purposes. Depending on your need and the occasion for which you need the bag and of course, the availability, you can choose one of these types of bags for shopping. Even the bags have come to be a dominant factor in shopping.

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