When your Teenager is Responsible Enough to Drive a Car

Every parent wants the best for their children. If your child has grown up into a teenager, you are probably considering letting your teen drive a car, and whether or not you are ready to buy her a car of her own. The real question is: is your teenager ready, and is she responsible enough to drive a car? What are the indications that your teenager is now fit to drive a car in Edmonton?

Decision Making

The first thing that you need to consider is the capability of your child to make smart decisions. Good decision-making skills are a product of good parenting; if you are able to give your kids the confidence in making decisions, then they will most likely develop this. Decision-making is essential in driving in terms of the technical aspects of driving as well as deciding what route to take. Good decision-making skills can help save your teen from many inconveniences.

Taking Responsibility

Is your teenager responsible enough to claim her faults? If yes, then your teenager is mature enough and can be given permission to drive. A teenager who takes responsibility for her actions is someone who does not pinpoint others, but admits that she was not able to deliver her best.


A teenager with initiative is someone who voluntarily does tasks without being told to. For instance, does she have the initiative to clean her own room without the need of being scolded? Does she take the initiative to study for her exams without being nagged? If yes, then why not choose among used cars Edmonton car dealers offer and help her pick out a car that she can drive to and from school?


A lot of teenagers want to be left alone by their parents, but an independent teenager is one who does not shun her parents. She acknowledges them but does not act very needy of them. Instead, an independent teenager is confident that she can do things on her own, but does not do it excessively. If you feel that your teen is independent enough, then why not choose for the perfect car among used cars in Edmonton?


Lastly, trustworthiness is needed in every teenager. Trust is earned, and once your teen has earned your trust, you can now consider purchasing her a car from used cars Edmonton car dealers sell. A trustworthy teen is someone who does things expected of her, and does not do things that are destructive for her. She chooses her friends wisely, and engages in healthy activities.

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